Server Rules

1.Swearing / Family Abuse: Swearing, using bad words and bad behaviour ban 1-3 days - Using bad words about family, family abuse ban 1-5 days//////////-> 2.Golden Vote Rules - You may not vote with multiple accounts!Caught breaking this rule will lead to permanent deactivation of all your accounts - You may not vote without entering captcha for valid vote otherwise once caught your votes will be deleted and credits nulled for the empty votes that you've made!//////////-> 3. Registration There is no reason using more than 3 accounts. If you are caught using too many accounts (more than 3), all your accounts will lead to a ban and IP-range ban permanently or they will be just deleted. At registration enter correct account details, because administration do not change any account information ! //////////-> 4. Cheating You are not allowed to create/make lags in order to kill players/monsters faster, of course, if someone will be reported, we will trace his IP, to check from where he is, so we will avoid banning users who are "toooo far from the server" or "who has very bad internet". Cheating, such as item duping, speed hacking, intelligent bots, are forbidden = account and IP ban permanently ! Players who are credit harvesters or players who abuse MuOnlines voting rewards will result to permanent banned. Making fake guild wars = deleting guild and Guild Master ban 1-7 days
Currently this is only one server.