This packagese available only for players who would like to support us by donation!


1. Full Excellent Options pack - Avaliable for all classes

This pack have:Full excellent options plus harmony options(choosing) 

Set Iteme parts:Helms,armorms,pants,gloves,boots,rings,pendants.


Full Options pack  itemes price - 5$



2. Uber set pack - Avaliable for all classes

This pack have:Full excellent options,harmony options(choosing) plus ancients(Choose).

Set Iteme parts:Helms,armorms,pants,gloves,boots,rings,pendants.

Uber set itemes price - 10$

3. Sockets set pack - Avalible for all classes

This pack have:Full excellent options,Full socket option with bonus options(Choose).

Set Iteme parts:Helms,armorms,pants,gloves,boots,swords,shields.

Socket set iteme price(Normal) - 20$


Before buy this pack u must click:1)Donation.2)Paypal.3)Choose:Full option pack/uber pack/Socket pack.

After payment please send us email to:''[email protected]'' with the following information:Your Account at OscarMu: 
Items,ancient & Harmony Option names//socket option names// Bonus Gold credits.


Socket set avaliable options (lvl 5)

Block rating increase +14%
Defence increase +42
Shield protection increase +30%
Damage reduction +8%
Damage reflection +9%
Automatic life recovery increase +20
Maximum life increase +8%
Maximum mana increase +8%
Automatic mana recovery increase +35
Maximum AG increase +130
AG value increase +13
Health increase +38


Socket weapon avaliable options (lvl 5)

Attack/Wizardry increase +lvl/14
Attack speed increase +11
Maximum Attack/Wizardry increase +50
Minimum Attack/Wizardry increase +35
Attack/Wizardry increase +35
AG cost decrease +44%
Monster destruction for the life increase +hp/4
Monster destruction for the mana increase +mp/4
Skill attack increase +60
Attack rating increase +40
Item durability increase +38%
Excellent damage increase +40
Excellent damage rate increase +14%
Critical damage increase +50
Critical damage rate increase +12%

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