OscarMu Server x99999 is comming at 20. April!

OscarMU Server x99999 max style is comming at 20-April!












OscarMU Server x99999 max style is comming at 20-April!

Want to play easy server, without grinding months for max stats?
Want to PVP 24/24? This server is for you. New OscarMu x9999 server
everything is easy, 7 points per level,10k per reset, maximum experience, full sets, jewels, wings, 
Accessories and everything on SHOP.

Events: Daily events, Weekly events,Monthly events.
VOTE SYSTEM: Vote for our Mu online server every 12 hour and get Credits.
60 credit each of one and monthly TOP 10 voters reward with 3000 Gold Credit. 

Join and enjoy high rate with full working season 12 Episode 2 server! 
Max Stats: 65000 (FULL PVP)
Exp normal: x999999
Master exp: x999999
Chaos machine 70% success
Life: 100%
Resets: from 400lvl *9999 zen, Stats and master lvl stays!
Reset reward: 30 Credits
Grand reset: 100Resets, Stats stays, Resets burns, Bonus: 3000 GOLD credits.

Create all characters from 1vl (create DK, SM, or ELF to get access to others)

Join to our Forum.
Facebook: (SOON)


Posted 12 / 04 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.